Our Social Resposibility :

Lutfi SDC is very eager to raise standards and professionalism among business in Sudan. We believe we are not just a training centre, but we are a knowledge sharing centre, where it's a must to share and learn from all sectors.

Lutfi SDC is following the steps of the great Sheikh Lutfi, who is one of the pioneers in the education of Sudanese people. His vision when he established his school back in 1944 is to see all tribes has the opportunities to have basics learning to help them move forwards.

The school has proudly graduated students from almost every tribe living in Sudan. For the last 25 years the school was given with its student residency to Southerner's who have been displaced because of the civil war which has escalated in 1983. The school which is based in Ruffa- Gazeira State at the central of Sudan, has shown the great integration between Northerner and Southerner, and has demonstrated that Sudanese people could live together in peace and harmony regardless of their race and religion.

Following on this legacy, Lutfi SDC decided to promote social responsibility at our own limited capacity. Lutfi SDC has proudly managed to support and work with people who need extra help. We supported and worked with the followings:

Maygoma Orphanage Home:

Lutfi SDC has organized with the British Fire Walking Association an event on unleashing Human Potential, which has shown participants the power of Positive Thinking and having the experience to walk on fire. The event was attended by major organization such as UN, Zain, Canar, DAL Group, and covered by Aljazeera TV network. The centre has managed to raise money for those in need children.



One of the main challenges that face young graduates is how to write and present their resume. As Lutfi SDC is the only centre in Sudan who is qualified from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development CIPD-UK in Recruitment& Selection, this has enabled us to work closely with the largest universities in Sudan, showing students how to write their resume and conduct successful interviews. The workshops were conducted at University of Khartoum, Ahfad University for Women, Sudan University of Science& Technology, and Al-Zaiem Al-Azhari University.


Daw Hajooj Elderly Home:

Daw Hajooj Elderly home looks after elderly people who don't have their families support and most likely they don't have families. Lutfi SDC has donated 5000 SDG to the management of this elderly home, and the money was spent on building an extension on the property supervised by Lutfi SDC.

aldaw hajoj home

SheikhLutfi High School:

This school was built in 1944 and almost has not had the chance to be renovated or looked after from government, business enterprise or the locals. Lutfi SDC has donated 5000 SDG to plant trees all round the school for 850sqm. The work under our supervision and it's almost complete.

lutfi school donation