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Recruitment services / Employer

Welcome to Lutfi SDC Recruitment Services, we know that People are an organization most valuable assets. That’s why we do every thing we can to get you the best talent in the market. Whether you are looking for fresh graduate, middle and senior staff for all sectors, we can help you find the perfect match.

Our expertise in the field of recruitment is exceptionally significant, our recruitment consultant combine a proactive and systematic approach, uses best current practice to match individuals with jobs.

 Why Us ?

  1. Lutfi SDC is the ONLY Centre in Sudan accredited by CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development/ UK) we have the methodology and experience no one else have.

  2. Lutfi SDC offers different recruitment services FREE of charge:

  • Design job description
  • Design personal specifications
  • Design an appealing job advertisement to attract the right candidates.
  • Advertising for your job in a professional manner
  • Handling the job advert response
  • Sifting CVs through our advanced automated systems
  • Short listing CVs and recommending the most suitable 5 - 10 candidates
  • Conducting initial, competency based interviews
  • Posting the advert in our website allowing over 7000 subscribers to see it


  3. Lutfi SDC Guarantee saving time and money spent in the recruitment process and getting the best candidates for the job through scientific methodologies.

 How we do it:

  • Sifting CV’s based on clear and defined criteria.
  • Run advance and well known psychometric test designed by world leader assessment provider SHL and accredited by British Psychology Society BPS
  • Conduct structured competency based interview
  • Provide organization with the most suitable candidates

How to post a job:

Fill the form below and our consultant will contact you to handle the rest or contact us to discuss your requirements and needs:

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Thank you for considering lutfisdc to post your vacancy. Shortly after you have submitted the required information , a consultant will contact you.


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